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Light Disinfection Technology

By offering the most extensive choices of UVC on the market, we have the ideal UVC disinfection systems to fill the need of any hospital, long term facility, or any area that is improving infection control procedures, regardless of budget. From whole room disinfection to device disinfection, we can help you improve patient safety and reduce costs associated with HAI's.

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3200 Max

Ultra Powerful Single Emitter System

The Skytron 3200 Max is the most powerful UV light sterilizer system in the world, ideal for health care facilities requiring maximum disinfection in the least amount of time.

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2280 Syndicate

Dual Emitter System

The Skytron 2280 Syndicate is a dual emitter UVC sterilizer specifically designed to work in tandem to emit germ deactivating UV energy.

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1140 Sentry

Single Emitter System

This portable UVC room sterilizer is ideal for many applications, including assisted living and extended care facilities.

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UV Smart

Countertop Rapid UVC Disinfector

The UV Smart is a simple-to-use solution to disinfect your high-touch items like cellphones, tablets, laptops, keyboards, and so much more.

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Modular Ceiling System

AirFRAME is a fully-integrated, vendor-neutral modular ceiling systems for healthcare environments.

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Lightweight Air Distribution and Lighting

Wire-hung in minutes, the LEDiffuser is a light, flexible, modular alternative to traditional ducted diffusion.

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Continuous Visible Light Disinfection

LED lighting technology that cleans and disinfects any room by killing a wide variety of pathogens including SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza A, while at the same time providing safe illumination for the occupants in the room. It’s as easy as turning on the lights.

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