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From flexible positioning to direct focus control, Skytron lighting solutions are designed to give healthcare professionals more convenience and increased performance. From surgical lights to examination lamps, each lighting solution combines crisp, clear illumination with reliability and ease of use – allowing every case to be visualized in precise detail without unnecessary hassle.

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Putting the Surgical Team in Control of Focus & Illumination

Lumos offers 60 different variations of light and 12 that produce 160,000 LUX. Lumos’ personalized lighting enhances your ability to see what is important to you.

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Auror Four

Putting the Surgical Team in Control

This next-generation surgical light puts enhanced clarity and focus in the clinician's hand – with only one twist of the center sterile handle.

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Stellar XL

Ideal For Any Application

The Stellar XL surgical light provides an ideal balance of high-tech features and value – perfect for any clinical setting.

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Superior Illumination, No Glare

DoVera offers less eye fatigue with its unique Double Reflection technology, eliminating glare at the lighthead and providing uniform light across the surgical field.

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Aurora Astro

A Versatile Solution

Set up cases faster with Aurora Astro's 360 degree-infinite rotation at all joints. With its ability to easily make subtle adjustments, you can obtain light where you need it most.

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Lucina 4

On-Demand Accuracy Without the Footprint

Lucina 4 fits seamlessly into labor and delivery suites, patient rooms, imaging rooms, ICUs and emergency departments, delivering on-demand control and instant visibility.

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Great Contrast, No Glare, Less Heat

Consistent, high-quality light to support the best visualization of any site the caregiver needs.

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