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Washer-Disinfectors & Ultrasonics

Skytron knows the importance of infection prevention in hospitals. We also understand that keeping your facility clean and safe for your staff and patients is vital. Keeping your SPD running smoothly and efficiently is our top priority. Our infection control products are tailored to maximize your space with our small-footprint design, increase throughput with our shorter cycle times, and save up to 50% in chemicals and water usage compared to the competition.

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Sterling P1000

Worry-Free Compliance While Saving Time, Money, and Space

The Sterling P1000 washer-disinfector streamlines and automates the decontamination process – bringing unsurpassed efficiency and flexibility to the Sterile Processing Department.

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Sterling P1800

Process your medical devices the most efficient, and compliant way possible

A washer-disinfector with a large capacity, small footprint, fast cycles, as well as low water usage and electrical consumption.

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Flex Ultrasonic

Load, Start, Clean, Repeat

The Skytron Flex is an ultrasonic washer-disinfector designed specifically for orthopedic, robotic, cannulated, and non-cannulated surgical instruments.

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