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Prep & Pack

Standing in one position for hours on end, or using a workstation designed for someone else, can lead to uncomfortable neck or back pain and unsatisfied employees. Put your facility’s well-being in mind, and choose a Prep & Pack table that easily adjusts to the various physical attributes and requirements of the human body – ultimately achieving better health and employee longevity.

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ErgoStat Workstation

Height Adjustable & Ergonomically Designed

ErgoStat Prep & Pack tables are designed to alleviate the physical stress placed on technicians performing the inspection, assembly and packaging in your Central Sterile Supply Department.

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Stainless Workstation

Ergonomic Design

Designed with ergonomics in mind, the Stainless Prep & Pack Workstation features a modular design, allowing for multiple configurations and adjustability for all body types.

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