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Power Technologies


36 Bay Secure Smart Charging Cart

Designed to charge, secure and manage 36 Devices with up to 17” screens.

Charging Streamlined

The 15 minute cycle timer charging system makes charging simple.

Cable Management Simplified

With integrated cable management, cables stay where they belong.

Network Management Made Easy

When network security is an issue, keeping device apps and content safe is easy by adding your own managed networking switch.

Setup Simplified

With our exclusive removable AC adapter baskets, setup is a breeze. No more stiff backs or bruised knuckles. Simply open a side door, place your adapters in the baskets, run cords through the cable management guides and plug them in.

Mobility Made Easy

Effortlessly guide your equipment where it needs to go with directional locking wheels.


Charges 36 devices

Smart charging

Locked & secure


36 Devices at 1.55"

43.6" H x 40.1" W x 26.8" D Exterior Dimensions

13.4" Shelf Height

17.5" Shelf Width

13.2" x 17.5" Maximum Device Dimensions

274 lbs Product Weight

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