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Power Technologies


Rapid disinfection of laptops, tablets, smartphones, call devices, noninvasive portable clinical items & more.

Power Technologies CLEAN, Second Generation 12 Bay Configurable UV-C 360 Cabinet - 110V NA

Support Infection Control Initiatives

Clean sanitizing cabinet is easy to maintain and intuitive to use. Boost workplace efficiency with customizable sanitization times to get back to what matters, faster.

360 Degree Sanitization

Clean at every angle without the use of corrosive chemicals with a 360-degree reach, eight lamps and reflective lining. Independently tested for antimicrobial effectiveness to give you peace of mind while reducing the risk of spreading common bacteria and viruses.

Versatile Design

The Clean offers versatile design with custom configuration to a wide range of mobile devices from phones to non-invasive clinical items to keep them both charged and sanitized.

Sanitizing Simplified

Clean™ effectively kills 99.9% of infectious pathogens from laptops, tablets, smartphones, call devices, noninvasive portable clinical items & more. The UV absorbing, transparent window with electro-magnetic locking system keeps users safe while devices are being disinfected.

Charging Made Easy

Designed with the highest level of flexibility and versatility in mind, Clean™ offers the ability to configure medical grade stainless steel racks to adapt to devices of varying shapes and sizes. Disinfection cycle times, from 2 minutes to 20 minutes, can be customized depending on workflow and efficacy needs.


UVC germicidal

360° sanitization


12 Devices at 15"

19.7" H x 25.0" W x 21.7" D Exterior Dimensions

75 lbs Product Weight

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