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Putting the Surgical Team in Control of Focus & Illumination

This next-generation surgical light puts enhanced clarity and focus in the clinician’s hand – with only one twist of the center sterile handle. Utilizing our best-in-class reflective LED technology, Lumos provides ideal illumination with optimal shadow control.

Personalized Lighting

The Lumos surgical light brings crisp, deep-cavity illumination to any procedure with three spot sizes. With 60 combinations of spot size, color, and intensity, this focusable light will meet the needs of any surgeon. By utilizing the ten presets, Lumos reduces set-up time and frustration.


Controlling the focus from the sterile handle eliminates the need to reposition the lighthead up or down.The focal point adjusts according to the surgical team’s preference – with only one twist of the sterile handle.

Intuitive Control

Lumos’ flush-mounted wall control allows you to choose spot size, color temperature, intensity, and control the in-light surgical camera with a simple touch on the LCD screen.


60 different variations of light and 12 that produce 160,000 LUX

10 presets

360° rotation on all axes

Lightweight construction keep positioning simple

Drift-free stability keeps lights exactly where needed

Center sterile handle adjusts intensity, focus, and positioning


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