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Power Technologies


24 Bay Secure Charging Locker

Designed to charge and secure up to 12 Chromebooks or tablets.

Hands-Free Deployment

Just assign an RFID card to a specific locker bay and insert a pre-sanitized device. No physical hand-off needed.

Central Locking System

2 USB charging ports and 2 outlets in each bay give additional flexibility for peripheral devices.

Easy to Use

The touch screen and user interface are simple to understand and make operation easy.

Charging Made Easy

Charging Chromebooks or tablets, plus mobile phones, headsets and other devices is convenient with 2 USB charging ports and 2 standard outlets in each bay. Plus, door windows allows a quick view of which space is available without even having to ever touch the screen.

Access Made Easy

With either a 4 to 6 digit code or an RFID card, users can secure and charge devices without the need to learn complex functions. Plus, the entire locker is remote admin capable for off-site management.


Charges 24 devices

Touchless design

Locked & secure


68.5" H 25.5" W x 18.5" D Exterior Dimensions

306 lbs Product Weight

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